GrayMatter Networks was born out of an emergency response team during Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Since we solved that telecommunication disaster, we have provided operational support, end-to-end engineering and ridiculously smart VoIP solutions to the hospitality, transportation and healthcare industries.


Everything we do is about bringing the world
together through smart communication systems.
We are inspired by innovation and driven to make
the complex simple.



Neria Nebel

Vice President, Operations

Neria has been designing and maintaining enterprise systems for Accounting and Legal fortune 100 companies since 1997.

His experience in KPMG, Tri Seal and CWT with SOX compliant systems and procedures gives him a unique insight into FCC compliance, tax regulations and records management in the VoIP industry.

Neria is leading GrayMatter efforts in PCI and HIPPA compliancy in order to better serve our Hospitality and Health Care verticals with robust and compliant solutions.

Neria Nebel
David Maayani

David Maayani

Chief Technical Officer

David Maayani is an industry-recognized authority and technology expert in voice and video communications and is widely known within Hospitality IT circles for providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to the marketplace. As Chief Technology Officer for multiple companies specializing in Voice over IP and Video on Demand, David developed and deployed global solutions for major brands and markets including Hilton, Jumeirah, Starwood, Crowne Plaza, Virgin Hotels and implemented solutions for 5 star properties including Mandarin Oriental- Columbia Circle, the W Hotels in Ft. Lauderdale, San Diego and Chicago and Jumeirah Essex- New York.

In 1998, David led Transbeam as CTO and deployed one of New York’s first Competitive Local Exchange (CLEC) services that provided data and Voice over DSL services to over 3,000 commercial enterprise accounts. Under his leadership, David scaled the wholesale voice carrier infrastructure to span both national and international markets. This resulted in Transbeam’s ability to grow and accommodate their more than 9,000 enterprise accounts that generate over $18m in annual revenues for the company today.

As CTO of GrayMatter Networks, David continues to lead the hospitality industry in delivering technical, cost-effective voice and unified communications, and SD-WAN solutions and is supported by a dedicated team of developers and support specialists within GrayMatter focused on exceeding customer expectations in the telecommunications marketplace.

Justin Carney

Director of Channel Sales

Justin Carney’s career has been focused on international development and bringing technology and other resources into under developed nations and a means to sustain and boost development efforts. Justin has diverse experience in leadership and stakeholder management ranging from working alongside small share farmers in rural Iraqi villages to advising Heads of State on national food security and policy reform. Mr. Carney has held leadership positions in various sectors including non-profits, oil and gas, agriculture development and technology companies.

Prior to GrayMatter Networks Justin served as MENA Vice President for Business Impact Networks. Mr. Carney played the key role in building the relationships with regional governments which led to eventual policy reform other economic growth strategies and investments.

As Channel Sales Manager for GrayMatter Networks, Justin serves customers and partners companies with the tools and resources they need to be successful.


Teresa Confer

Project Manager

Teresa has been in the telecom industry since 1987. She has had various positions supporting customers on a variety of services. She has coordinated, provisioned, and implemented service delivery for dedicated products and services (frame relay, T1 DS3, BRI, PRI, and POTS), and has managed installs of PBXs, key systems, and VOIP services. Teresa continues to create and maintain relations with senior management, customers, internal groups and vendors, and develops relationships with major carriers and LECs to ensure on-time delivery.

Richard Quisumbing

Lead Developer

Mila Borda

Special Projects

April Lopez

Team Leader

Karen Dela Cruz


Manuel Leuterio

Tier 1 Tech Support

Our Support & Development Team

Gray Matter is a proud member of the Hospitality Technology Next Generation, a global not-for-profit trade association that fosters, through collaboration and partnership among hospitality professionals and technology providers, the development of next-generation solutions that will enable them to do business globally in the 21st century.

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Remember Hurricane Sandy? We do. We remember
millions of New York and New Jersey residents,
businesses, hotels, hospitals and public service
departments losing power and phone lines making it
impossible to communicate. That was the beginning of
GrayMatter Networks – We were spawned as an
emergency response team to get the east coast
telecommunications back online. Since that 2012 disaster,
we’ve expanded our VoIP solutions, but deep down we’re
still that same driven information technology team that
saves the day when the day needs saving.