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GrayMatter Networks Solve Your Communications Issues. It just Works.

GrayMatter Networks offers efficient and adaptable communication services to the Hospitality Industry. We provide Cloud and Premise Based PBX systems, SIP Services, and guest issue management solutions.

Our technology, software, and no-license model reduce your communications costs by 40%-60%. GrayMatter Networks saves your team time and effort, allows for feature requests, and provides devoted and passionate support.

Stop talking about your communications issues at the Operations meetings – with GrayMatter Networks there is no need.

Our Solutions

BrainBox by GrayMatter Networks is a software based communication system which allows for exceptional flexibility and lower costs.
GrayMatter Networks’ VoIP technology offers a modern, scalable, future-proof telephone service with the benefits of traditional telephone communication at a fraction of the cost.
Pulse by GrayMatter Networks is our answer to guest issue management. Offering hotels an affordable and efficient solution that will allow you to reach your goals and simplify operations.
Brainbox Alert overlays your legacy phone system, captures your emergency calls, and brings you into compliance with Ray Baum's Act & Kari's Law.

No-License Model Reduces Costs By 40-60%

GrayMatter Networks provides a no-license model with all solutions:
BrainBox, Pulse, and Brainbox Alert.

When enabling included features like additional extensions, trunks, ng911 registrations, voicemail ports and more – there are no license costs associated with this.

Feel free to expand as your property requirements change and grow.


Single Vendor Responsible For End-To-End Communications

GrayMatter Networks offers a platform that enables stability and ease of use, without the need for finger pointing. All your communication needs will be fulfilled in one place.

The IT department will no longer spend their time trying to fix the PBX.

Non proprietary hardware, virtualization, easy integration to your existing network – all to current modern standards with no legacy requirements.

Tailored Solutions For Your Property

GrayMatter Networks offers solutions for all of your needs.

Our development team offers rapid and nimble response to feature requests.

In addition, we do not develop only for a single customer, so you benefit from all the features we add, even when requested by others.

We solve problems you didn’t even know you had

Devoted and Passionate Support!

While BrainBox by GrayMatter Networks rarely needs to be addressed, in the case where your team has a question or needs help, GrayMatter Networks has a support team that is always available to assist.

It is part of our ethos to provide devoted, passionate support to our customers.

Owning and issue to its resolution is a source of pride for our team – they must embrace this culture to be one us.

We welcome customer interaction and communication – we do not hide from it.

Straight From Our Clients

The support is very attentive and responsive. The team that we work with is so awesome that you feel like your part of their family.

David Shirley,

The response of the support team is probably the best of all my vendors. Cost at least 2/3 cheaper than a conventional PBX system

Brian Chambers,
Viceroy Hotels

GrayMatter Networks provides all the features that you have with the major vendor, but without all the bureaucracy that you’re used to going though, in order to get new features built

David Thomson,
Pinapple Hospitality